Montag, 25. April 2016

Day 17: Rieti, Abruzzo

The two weeks were full of sunshine - weather for the sandals. I followed the westcoast with all the ups and downs - just made to give the cyclist these great views. 

I use the normal roads (not the motorways, not these very small side roads). Traffic is somerimes intensive, but less bad as I thought. Especially at these narrow roads of the Amalfi coast. 

I tried the Magaretha Pizza in Neaples, at 'L'Antica da Michele' in the place where it's been invented (they say). 

From the pizza to the beer. My First 1000 came up:

Another 250 km further North on the coast, I reached Rome, made my way over the river Tiber

to the home of papa Francesco, the Vatican. 

Considering the hotel prices and that I had been a couple of times in incredible Rome before, I left the next day and rode into the Appennin mountains in order to cross over to the Adrian coast. 

The sun had tanken a nap and the sky gave me rain and hail instead. 

I am talking a break in Rieti at the moment. 

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